Unique Selling Points

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Tactile guideways are our core business, not a by-product or a side dish. As a result of this focus, we have gained tremendous expertise and experience in this niche. Few structural or traffic-specific situations still pose challenges for us.

Full service

Whether it comes to installing new guiding strips, renovating them or determining the most logical route, we have the expertise and capacity in-house in all these areas. Thus, we can optimally facilitate customers who do not have everyday experience with these specific matters.


With our unique recipe for synthetic resin, we make guiding strips and blisters which are exactly tailored to the specific demands and requirements of the customer. They can be adapted to the design and choice of pavement or floor material. In terms of shape, dimensions, colour and degree of finish, we are thus very flexible.

Minimally invasive

The direct affixing of guiding strips and blisters to the substrate means that there is no need to chop, drill or saw. The installing of TG Lining tactile guideways is thus minimally invasive.

Optimal adhesion

Guiding strips and blisters are applied directly to the substrate. Unlike prefabricated strips or blisters, there is no intermediate or adhesive layer which can dry out over time, can become porous or otherwise inferior. This gives you the guarantee of an optimal and above all lasting adhesion to the substrate.

Minimal maintenance

Due to their high bonding strength and wear resistance, the products of TG Lining require a minimum of (corrective) maintenance or repair.

Low life cycle costs

The purchase of TG Lining tactile guideways is a one-time investment that can be written off over a technical lifespan of at least 15 years. There are no or hardly any running costs arising from repair or maintenance. As a result, the life cycle costs are low.