Underground bicycle parking at Koningin Julianaplein

The Hague

The Hague encourages cycling as a means of transport for a liveable and clean city. In that context, a very large underground bicycle parkade is being constructed near the Central Train Station in The Hague, with a capacity for 8,500 bicycles.

TG Lining put stair markings on the stairs by filling in the notches in the prefab concrete stairs with epoxy. Because it is important to be able to gauge the depth of a staircase accurately, before installing the markings, TG Lining tested for colour and light-reflection value and measured contrast on samples with a similar surface.

The tests and measurements were performed by Projectbureau Toegankelijkheid (Project Agency Accessibility). Based on the results, the impressive staircases were provided with black marking dots. The work was done by commission of and in collaboration with Mobilis TBI.

Project: Underground bicycle parking at Koningin Julianaplein

Product: Epoxy stair markings

Surface: prefab concrete

Client: Mobilis TBI

City: The Hague

Year: 2019