Station Square

Voorburg - Leidschendam

The municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg has transformed the squares and streets in the vicinity of its Central Station into a modern area that blends very well with an attractive and green innercity that is accessible for all.


Project: Station Square

Substrate: concrete slabs Exludure Lustro

Customer: KWS Infra B.V.

Location: City of Voorburg

Year: 2013

Station square

City of Zwijndrecht

In this project, TG Lining applied epoxy guiding strips to paving bricks which were then paved into the street in situ. In this way, a dimensionally consistent guiding route is obtained by virtue of the guiding strips always lying exactly in the centre of the paving brick. As a result, joints are bypassed and strips are equidistant from each other providing an attractive appearance. This way of working can be applied to any type of pavement context.


Project: Station square Zwijndrecht

Substrate: paving bricks

Customer: Zwijndrecht City Council

City: Zwijndrecht

Year: 2013