OV-SAAL Station Rai


Commissioned by BAM Construction and Engineering Northwest Region, TG Lining has made the extended station concourse, the platforms and the eastern entrance staircase markings of the Rai Station accessible for blind and visually impaired passengers. This project is part of the extension of the railway lines from Schiphol to Amsterdam, Almere and Lelystad (OV SAAL), part of which was accomplished by BAM Combinatie Amstelspoor.

Among other tactile solutions, TG Lining has installed more than 300 linear metres of epoxy guiding strips in conformity with the ProRail design specification OVS00228 on poured asphalt and nero impala natural stone.

Project: OV-Saal Station Rai

Substrate: asphalt, natural stone nero impala

Customer: BAM Bouw en Techniek

Location: Amsterdam

Year: 2015