The Noord/Zuidlijn will connect Amsterdam North with Amsterdam South. The metro offers an alternative to overcrowded trams and busses. In the city centre there is no more space for additional public transport vehicles but under the groud there is. The Noord/Zuidlijn makes sure that Amsterdam will be better accessible which is essential for its economic development.

The metro will safely and comfortably transport some 121.000 people on a daily basis through the Amsterdam innercity. During the day, it will depart every 5 minutes and during rush hours every 4 minutes. The ride from North to South, taking 31 minutes today, will be reduced to only 16 minutes in the near future.

TG Lining made all stations (Zuid, Europaplein, De Pijp, Vijzelgracht, Rokin, Centraal Station, Noorderpark, Noord) of the Noord/Zuidlijn accessible for visually impaired people. E.g. tactile ridges were installed on the platforms and concourses, just like warningfields consisting of domes and at some stations staircases were marked as to give them more contrast. Here you get an impression about the installation works that were executed at Station Noord.

Project: Noord/Zuidlijn

Substrate: Ceramic tiles

Contract partner: VIA NZL

City: Amsterdam

Year: 2015 - 2018