Koninklijke Visio


In the hall of the Alpha building of Koninklijke Visio in the city of Apeldoorn, tactile guideway ridges have been installed with a height of 2.4 mm above the finished floor. Considering the flat surface, this strip height provides excellent tactile perceptibility without tripping hazard. Neither do the strips form an obstacle to wheelchair users or users of a walker.

The white coloured strips have an excellent contrast to the dark floor. This is important for people who are still able to perceive the difference between light and dark. Where paths split or branch off areas are left blank so that blind or visually impaired visitors know where they can turn right or left.


Project: Visio Apeldoorn

Substrate: Forbo Alura

Customer: Koninklijke Visio

Location: Apeldoorn

Year: 2015