Guided route in Muzieum Nijmegen


Curious what life “looks like” if you’re blind or visually impaired? At the muZIEum in Nijmegen, you can experience it.

You can choose between an experience in absolute darkness, or an experience with virtual reality. One important mission the muZIEum has is to contribute to work opportunities for the blind and visually impaired. 

The muZIEum currently employs 38 people with visual restrictions, primarily as guides during the events. TG Lining sponsored the muZIEum by installing a tactile guideway throughout the entire building. The lines are installed in different colours, so that they also indicate the route for the seeing visitor to, for example, the dark experience rooms. Would you like to find out more about the muZIEum? Go to:

Project: sponsoring Muzieum

Product: tactile guidewar

Plaats: Nijmegen

Year: 2019