Centrum Zeist

Staircase markings

Project: Staircase markings Zeist centre

Surface: Anthracite-grey concrete stairs

Client: Municipality of Zeist, Project management Centrumvisie

City: Zeist

Year: Winter 2018

The municipality of Zeist commissioned the installation of a new concrete staircase in the city centre in 2018. Falls on the stairs occur particularly because the depth of the staircase is not easy to estimate. TG Lining has applied markings on all the steps. The top and bottom steps have white, round, epoxy staircase markings with a diameter of 55 mm and a thickness of 1 mm across the entire width. The other steps have the same markings at the height of the railings in the middle and on the sides. This makes the staircase visually easy to recognise. These markings also provide the staircase with an anti-slip layer. The photos clearly show the effect a few simple dots or lines can have. In addition, the municipality of Zeist placed a warning sign and magnetic strips at the top of the stairs.