Tactile guiding ridges train
installed in situ

On train platforms and in station concourses, TG Lining installs guiding strips that fully comply with ProRail (Dutch Railways) design specifications. Strips are applied in situ directly to the substrate. This provides a superb adhesion without the need of adhesive layers.

The high technical lifespan combined with low maintenance costs ensures low life cycle costs. Our systems are intended for pedestrians and are located in pedestrian areas, free of motorized traffic. Guiding strips can be applied to virtually all types of substrate without the need for drilling or sawing.

The guiding strips can be walked on after approximately 12 hours at a minimum processing temperature of 10°C and do not require any post-processing. Because we use covering plates, areas remain accessible for pedestrians/travellers even during installation.


Structure: 4 parallel strips

Centre-to-centre dimension: 75 mm

Working path width: 300 mm

Strips length: 200 – 600 mm

Strips width: base 30 mm, top 22-25 mm

Strips height: 4 to 5 mm above the finished floor, depending on indoor or outdoor application and the substrate

Intermediate distance: 30 mm in longitudinal direction to allow for simple dirt and water run-off during cleaning

Shape: trapezoidal with rounded ends

Unique Selling Points

  • Tailor made patterns
  • Minimally invasive
  • Optimal adhesion
  • Functional and aesthetic
  • Low maintenance
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Compliant with Accessibility Directives