Tactile guideways mats
for temporary use

In some situations, such as renovations or new construction works, guiding routes may be temporarily obstructed, diverted or otherwise unaccessible. Obviously, this is very troublesome for visually impaired people. TG Lining therefore provides temporary routes by using PVC mats with epoxy guiding strips.

Due to their manageable size, the mats are easy to transport. Placement is simple using the right type of fixing medium. Mats are available from stock and can thus be supplied quickly with clear installation instructions.


Mat dimensions: 200 x 35 cm

Structure: 5 parallel Stripss

Centre-to-centre dimension: 60 mm

Working path width: 35 cm

Strips length: 150/250/350 mm

Strips width: 10 mm

Strips height: 2 to 4.5 mm above the finished floor, depending on whether the application is indoors or outdoors

Intermediate distance: 50 mm break in longitudinal direction to allow for simple dirt and water run-off during cleaning

Shape: rectangular, rounded or triangular cross-section