Public Transport

For everyone

TG Lining has 20 years of experience in making infrastructure accessible around almost every variety and mode of transport; from train, tram, bus and underground to the Vlissingen-Breskens ferry and even the airports of Amsterdam Schiphol and Dublin. Every day we thus contribute to making public transport truly public, that is, accessible for everyone.

Public Spaces

Safety for all

Urban environments with high traffic volumes are often challenging for the visually impaired to navigate securely and safely. And the design of public spaces according to the popular Shared Space principle does not make it any easier.

On the other hand, municipalities are increasingly aware of the importance of a city being accessible for all. They attempt to achieve this as much as possible in accordance with the applicable guidelines. The products of TG Lining comply with these guidelines and prove their worth every day in municipalities across Europe. For example at road crossings, in shopping areas or public squares.

Public Buildings

Fuctional en aesthetic

In indoor situations as well, TG Lining has a vast experience in installing tactile guideways, for instance in hospitals, schools and universities, town halls and cultural centres. The benefits of that accrue not only to people with visual impairments but to every visitor wishing to find the way to the right area.

We can, for example, add colours to our tactile ridges that correspond to those of specific hospital departments. In that way, we accomplish tactile guidance for some, and signage for others. Combined in a single solution. And suitable to be used on just about any type of floor.

Toegankelijk stembureau