TG Lining

Giving direction

TG Lining is a specialist in tactile guideways for blind and visually impaired people. Our products are applied in Public Transport, in Public Spaces and Public Buildings so that users can enjoy independent freedom of movement. Wherever they go.

We also make staircase markings, anti-slip markings and wayfinding products. Just as tactile guideways, these are made of epoxy- or other types of synthetic resin.

Introduction video

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What we do

  • Anti-slip markings

  • Tactile guideways

  • Staircase markings

  • Wayfinding

For whom?

TG Lining is driven by people like Marian, Jake and Yvonne


Accessible for visually impaired

Market segments

Here's why TG Lining

Unique selling points

  • Full service: Design, Production, Installation and Inspection
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor situations
  • Can be applied to virtually any type of paving or floor material
  • Unrivalled adhesion strength
  • Functional and aesthetic
  • Flexible: easy to apply and expand, also in retrofit situations
  • Customized supply of shapes, dimensions and colours
  • Easy does it: no design- or building adaptations required
  • Minimal maintenance, maximum lifespan